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Social Contribution Activities Main Projects

Sejung tries to create a beautiful world by helping and sharing with others.

  • Social welfare
    Salary Fraction System: support single-parent households
    Monetary and goods donations for the underprivileged class through the Community Chest of Korea
    Charity bazaars such as the Beautiful Saturday with Sejung
    Sponsorship for charity events of religious organizations and welfare programs
  • Culture/Arts
    Support for the Catholic Academic Award
    Support for the Charity Music Festival by the Boys Town
    A sponsor for the concert by Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra
    A sponsor for the Geumjeong Art Festival
  • Sports
    Sponsorship for the Korea Sailing Federation
    Sponsorship for the Busan Sports Council: Badminton Association, etc.
    Sponsorship for the Busan Citizens’ Walk
    Sponsorship for the Busan MBC Bowling
  • Education/Scholarships
    Scholarships for high school students in Busan
    Recruitment of talented individuals from local communities through the industrial-academic cooperation program